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You can check the complete list of characters; go to the main screen of the game -> tap the menu(at the bottom-left corner) -> go to the codex. So, this is a short and simple Knights Chronicle guide for the beginners. Now, let's start Knights Chronicle cheats, tips & strategy guide. #3.) Knights Chronicle cheats, tips & strategy #Tip 1.)

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Knight's Chronicle is a turn-based RPG with a heavy emphasis on character collecting. You build a team of different characters and take them into battles to fight waves of monsters. The mechanics of the game are explained rather well in the game's tutorial. The main function is the turn-based mechanic that the game uses.

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Category:Characters | White Knight Chronicles Wiki | Fandom Explore Community in: Content Characters Category page Edit Characters are humanoid based beings that star in the Game. Trending pages Yulie Avatar Scardigne Caesar Setti Grazel Dragias Anvietta All items (23) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U

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This list of heroes in Knights Chronicle ranks the top three characters of each type purely by how good they are in Advent and Multiplayer Dungeons (also known as PvE). In other words, don't use this list to build your Arena team. Check out our picks for best PvE heroes below: Attack: 1. Morrigan: The fiery samurai takes the top slot here.

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Emperor's Children are also known as drayan, mythical human-like figures who can transform into dragons. As their faction suggests, the drayans are the children of Antalus, the former emperor of fallen the drayan empire. Electra, a half-sibling to the children, is found in the marvelous hero section. open/close all folders.

Knights Chronicle character illust, Ma mulook Character art, Character illustration, Game

Knights Chronicle shares the same perspective with other RPGs where you obtain your heroes through gacha. Here, you're tasked to develop up to 5 characters in a turn-based battle. So, who among the 160 heroes deserve to be in your team? Let our Knights Chronicle Tier List be your guide.

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Description. Flip-Flopper. Leader. Increases Light allies' ATK by 80% if the party has 5 Light heroes. Joyous Torment ♡. Passive. 100% chance to apply Gem of Extinction to the center target for 2 turns at the start of the wave. 50% chance to apply the same effect to the two adjacent targets for the same turn at the start of the wave. Removes.

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A list of heroes belonging to the R (one rank inferior to SR and above N rank) rank in the codex. Some of these heroes have SSR based costumes as well which you can get with in-game currency. Vlady is the only to have an epic quest costume. Surprisingly some important story heroes are here. open/close all folders.

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What is Knights Chronicle? Knights Chronicle is a new gacha game released on June 14 2018. Knights Chronicle is a role playing game that features an in-depth story based on the battle of strategy and the past life of reincarnation, as well as gorgeous skill productions that look like an animation.

KNIGHTS CHRONICLE เกมมือถือ Turnbased RPG ใหม่จาก Netmarble เปิดให้ลงทะเบียนแล้ววันนี้! G

White Knight Chronicles is the first game for the PlayStation 3 by developer Level-5, released in Japan on Christmas Day 2008, and in 2010 internationally. You are. well, you — the game features an insanely robust character creator, which was actually used to create every NPC in the game.

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In this post, we are going to share the Knights Chronicle Tier List - Best Attackers, Defenders, Healers, and Arena Specialist. First of all: - All the characters featured in the Knights Chronicle game have different stats When you start the game, the game will force you to summon the characters to build a perfect team

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Characters VideoGame Create New These are the list of playable characters, excluding lower tier monsters in the game, categorized by faction. Character Groups Legendary Heroes Emperors Children Shadow Guild White Knights Dark Knights Marvelous Heroes Honorable Heroes Special Heroes Heroes Collaboration Previous Index Next

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Selki Jomumu Clucky Bronzemon Silvermon Goldmon Luna Rainbowmon XPmon (Fire) XPmon (Water) XPmon (Wind) XPmon (Light) XPmon (Dark) Evolvemon Enhancemon (R) Enhancemon (SR) Enhancemon (SSR) CC-BY-SA Fan Feed More Knights Chronicle Global Wiki

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Verdani (SSR, Water) Esna (SSR, Water) Morrigan (SSR, Fire) Kali (SSR, Wind) Mina (SSR, Dark) These are the characters you would want to have on your team if you need a reliable attacker. They're the best when it comes to dealing damage to enemies and are second to none.