How To Decorate A Mantel When You Have A TV Above It! — DESIGNED

How To Decorate A Mantel When You Have A TV Above It! — DESIGNED

David A. Land. To turn an ordinary fireplace into a focal point, paint the wall above the mantel a hue that contrasts with the room's main wall color. Base the color on another element within the room for a cohesive look. Here, the mantel area's blue was matched to the stone on the fireplace surround. 25 of 46.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV Micheala Diane Designs

So give your mantel ends some extra TLC and add elegant candle holders filled with tealights. You can also seasonally swap out trinkets, with white pumpkins for autumn and seashells for summer. 5. Opt for neutral colors. When selecting your decor, stick with a neutral color palette to keep the focus on the TV.

How To Decorate Fireplace Mantel With TV I Am Chris

Flank the TV With Two Wall Sconces. 3. Create a Balanced Design with Topiaries or Candle Holders Flanking Your Mantel. 4. Use Varying Heights of Decor to Create a Cohesive Mantel Display. 5. Decorate Your Hearth for more Visual Balance. 6. Create a Gallery Wall Surrounding the TV.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV Micheala Diane Designs

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This holiday-themed home features a mounted TV on a wooden wall. The geometric wall behind the mantel is stained with a wood finish. Add statement pieces like floating shelves and other custom orders to create a unique look. Complete the look with DIY walls and decorations that show flair and style.

Decorating Fireplace Mantel With TV Above Fireplace Guide by Linda

Here are some different examples and ideas of how you can go about Decorating a Mantel with a TV on it! Decorate minimally. This one simply has 2 symmetrical items on each side to somewhat "frame" it, but it is very simplistic. It doesn't take attention away from it, but it provides simple but ample decoration.

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A frame TV can double as a piece of art on your mantel instead of a big black box. If you do not own a frame TV, there are other ways to stream art onto a smart TV. You can look for art on YouTube or you can even stream a picture on your phone through Chromecast. So with that being said let's start with some matchy matchy designs.

20+ Mantel Decor With Tv Above

The downside of having a TV above your mantel is that you can't layer pieces over it. But it doesn't mean that you can't still use this technique. Try layering some smaller art pieces off to the side with a little vase or pot in front of it. This will help to create a sense of depth on your mantel, which is usually a sure way to make a.

20+ Mantel Decor With Tv Above

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Michelle Berwick Design added a chunky wood mantel below the TV that mimics the built-ins and creates delineation between the fireplace and the TV. Continue to 34 of 35 below. 34 of 35.. 22 Living Room Decorating Ideas With Mirrors That Are Stylish and Practical. The 9 Best Electric Fireplaces of 2024, Tested and Reviewed.

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The Middle. The middle can be the hardest area to decorate because you typically have the most limited space between the bottom of the TV to the mantel. My solution for this would be to place something with a low profile. I personally love the use of a narrow tray or long wooden bowl, like the one that I have shown here.

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How to Decorate a Mantel with a Television. Focus on the ends of the mantel. This is an obvious one, but it's key to making your mantel look good - since the television takes up the bulk of the space above the mantel, you'll want any knick-knacks you place to be arranged towards either end of the mantel. The last thing you want to do is.

Ideas for Decorating Around a TV Over the Fireplace Mantel, stone

Rotate each shelf (a shelf with objects in the center, shelf below has objects on either side) Grouping objects into 3 items is easy and sure to look good. Layer with books (underneath small objects) Don't use too many small objects - they tend to look like clutter. 2. Keep Decor Minimal and Upgrade to the Frame TV.

10 Resourceful Ways To Style Your Fire Place Mantel Nice tvs above

1. Keep everything short/low. First of all, you need to keep scale and height in mind when decorating a mantel with a TV above it for Christmas. You don't want to block anyone's view of the screen for those Christmas movie marathons! Bonus points if you can somehow keep the sensor for the remote easily accessible.

20++ Farmhouse Mantel Decor With Tv PIMPHOMEE

Bringing light to the mantel design. 11. LED Strips. Speaking of lighting…LED Strips! These have been around for a while but have really come into popularity in the last couple of years. LED Strips are a simple way to add some more lighting to your mantel in fun ways that end up making the space look expensive.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV Micheala Diane Designs

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