Second lieutenant pay air force? (2023)

Second lieutenant pay air force?

The average Air Force 2nd Lieutenant- Air salary in the United States is $64,549 as of July 25, 2023. The range for our most popular Air Force 2nd Lieutenant- Air positions (listed below) typically falls between $57,260 and $71,838.

What do second lieutenants do in the Air Force?

Second Lieutenant, abbreviated 2LT, is the lowest Commissioned Officer rank of the USAF, right below First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenants are responsible for supervising flights of different sizes as a flight commander or assistant flight commander, or they may work in an administrative position.

Is 2nd Lieutenant a high rank?

In the British Army and in the United States Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps, a second lieutenant is the lowest ranking commissioned officer. Above him in those U.S. services comes a first lieutenant—lieutenant in the British Army—and then a captain. In the Russian Army there is still another rank, senior lieutenant.

How long does it take to become a 2nd lieutenant in the Air Force?

To become a second lieutenant in the Air Force, one must complete Officer Training School (OTS) or the Air Force Academy. OTS is a 9.5-week program that includes physical training, academics, and leadership development.

What does a lieutenant in the Air Force get paid?

A First Lieutenant is a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force at DoD paygrade O-2. A First Lieutenant receives a monthly basic pay salary starting at $4,007 per month, with raises up to $5,544 per month once they have served for over 6 years.

Do 2nd lieutenants see combat?

In any ground war, the majority of the fighting is done by the infantry, and the second lieutenant of an infantry platoon can expect to lead soldiers in combat or to train them for that possibility.

Does a second lieutenant outrank a sergeant?

These commissions include first and second lieutenants, captains, majors, colonels, lieutenant colonels, and generals. All commissioned officers outrank non-commissioned officers (e.g., a sergeant).

How long does it take to become a 2nd lieutenant?

To become a second lieutenant in the army, one must complete a four-year degree program, attend Officer Candidate School (OCS), and complete Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). The entire process can take anywhere from four to six years, depending on the individual's education and training.

How old are second lieutenants?

2nd Lieutenant age breakdown
2nd Lieutenant YearsPercentages
40+ years78%
30-40 years21%
20-30 years1%
Jul 21, 2023

What is 2nd Lieutenant equivalent to?

It is equivalent to the rank of ensign in the Navy, Coast Guard, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps. In the Army and Marine Corps, a second lieutenant typically leads a platoon-size element (16 to 44 soldiers or marines).

What rank should you be after 20 years in the Air Force?

Senior Master Sergeant (E-8)

The average servicewide, active-duty time for advancement to the rank of senior master sergeant is more than 20 years. Moving up the Air Force Ranks: Because public law allows only 2% of the enlisted workforce to be in the grades of E8, the SMSgt promotion system is highly competitive.

What rank should you be after 10 years in the Air Force?

USAF Officer Rank Structure
RankRank (Abbrev.)Officer Rank Timeline (See notes)*
Lieutenant ColonelLt Col14 - 16 years
MajorMaj8 - 10 years
CaptainCapt4 years
First Lieutenant1st LT, or 1LT2 years
7 more rows
Nov 12, 2017

Which branch promotes the fastest?

The Army is generally the branch of the military that promotes the fastest. That said, your military job and any advanced education you have can impact your ability to be promoted. A college degree can help you get promoted, regardless of your branch. Specialized career fields often don't promote quickly.

What is the retirement pay for the Air Force at 20 years?

Defined Benefit: Monthly retired pay for life after at least 20 years of service (so if you retire at 20 years of service, you will get 40% of your highest 36 months of base pay). Retired pay will be calculated as follows: (Years of creditable service x 2.0%) x average of highest 36 months basic pay.

Which military branch pays the best?

On average, however, the Air Force is the military branch that has the highest pay because, in the Air Force, there are more opportunities to be promoted to the next rank, which leads to many recruits becoming officers. This, in turn, increases the average salary a little bit compared to the other military branches.

Is military pay taxed?

While all pays are taxable, most allowances are tax-exempt. The primary allowances for most individuals are BAS and BAH, which are tax-exempt. Conus COLA is one allowance that is taxable. A law change mandated that every allowance created after 1986 would be taxable.

How many people does a 2nd lieutenant lead?


Most officers enter the Army at second lieutenant. They lead platoon-size units consisting of a platoon sergeant and two or more squads (16 to 44 Soldiers).

Do you salute a second lieutenant?

If your rank is lower thana that of a Second Lieutenant, you are required to salute him (or her). The Lt. would then be required to return the salute. If you rank is higher than the Second Lt., then he (or she) would salute you, and you would return the salute.

How are Second Lieutenants addressed?

Second Lieutenant (2LT)(O1)

Addressed as lieutenant. Typically the entry-level rank for most commissioned officers. Leads platoon-size elements consisting of the platoon sergeant and two or more squads (16-44 soldiers).

Do sergeants salute lieutenants?

All military enlisted personnel in uniform are required to salute when they meet and recognize a commissioned or warrant officer, except when it is inappropriate or impractical (for example, if you're carrying something using both hands).

Can an enlisted man outrank an officer?

For example, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy may be referred to as an O-4. See Figure 1. Officers make up about 18% of the Armed Forces, with enlisted personnel making up the other 82%. Officers outrank all enlisted personnel.

How long does it take to go from 2nd LT to captain?

Second Lieutenant (O-1) is eligible for promotion to First Lieutenant (O-2) with 24 months' time-in-grade. O-2 is eligible for promotion to Captain (O-3) with 24 months' time-in-grade.

Do second lieutenants go to basic training?

Do you go to Basic Training after Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)? No, your initial training requirements will be integrated into your ROTC program. After graduating, you will commission as an Officer with the rank of Second Lieutenant and continue on to the Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC).

How do you become a second lieutenant in the Air Force?

Qualified airmen are commissioned at the rank of second lieutenant in the Air Force after earning a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or the highly selective Air Force Academy. Your degree may be in any area, but it must be relevant to the career you are pursuing in the Air Force.

What jobs do second lieutenants have?

A Second Lieutenant is the lowest-ranking commissioned officer in the military, responsible for leading platoons or smaller units, making tactical decisions, maintaining troop morale, and ensuring the welfare of their soldiers.

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