How to make a piggy bank in little alchemy? (2023)

What are all the answers to little alchemy?

Or you could keep on reading for the first one's big list of combinations.
  • Acid Rain rain, smoke/rain, smog.
  • Airplane bird, steel/bird, metal.
  • Alarm Clock clock, sound.
  • Alcohol fruit, time/juice, time.
  • Algae water, plant/sea, plant/ocean, plant.
  • Alien life, space.
  • Allergy human, dust.
  • Alligator lizard, swamp/lizard, river.
Dec 6, 2021

(Video) How to make PIGGY BANK in Little Alchemy
How do you make a bank on little alchemy?

Walkthrough for bank in Little Alchemy 2
  1. earth + fire = lava.
  2. air + lava = stone.
  3. fire + stone = metal.
  4. air + stone = sand.
  5. stone + stone = wall.
  6. wall + wall = house.
  7. metal + sand = gold.
  8. gold + house = bank.

(Video) How to make PIGGY BANK in Little Alchemy 2
How do you make money in little alchemy cheats?

  1. paper + gold.
  2. diamond + paper.
  3. paper + bank.

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How do you make a sandwich on little alchemy?

How to make sandwich in Little Alchemy?
  1. bacon + bread.
  2. bread + cheese.
  3. bread + ham.

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Is Little Alchemy OK for kids?

What age is it appropriate for? Little Alchemy is appropriate for students in grades 6-12.

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Is Little Alchemy good for kids?

Little Alchemy provides an engaging opportunity for students to discover increasingly complicated programmed combinations and to suggest their own "creative combinations." It encourages completion, logical thinking, and imagination.

(Video) How to Make a Piggy Bank in Little Alchemy 2? | Step by Step Guide!
(Gamer Boy Sharaz)
How do you make a piggy bank in little alchemy?

How to make piggy bank in Little Alchemy?
  1. money + pig.
  2. pig + pottery.

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How do you make RV in little alchemy?

How to make rv in Little Alchemy 2?
  1. bus + house.
  2. car + house.

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How do you make pokki in little alchemy?

Elements (Pokki Candy)
  1. Sugar + Cloud.
  2. Sugar + Electricity.

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How do you unlock everything in Little Alchemy?

Unlock all Combinations in Little Alchemy
  1. Go to and Play Little Alchemy.
  2. Open your JavaScript console ( Command + j or View >> Developer >> JavaScript Console )
  3. Copy paste the JavaScript below into the JavaScript console then hit ENTER.
  4. Refresh the page to see all the unlocked combinations in the side panel.

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How do you make Blackhole in Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy 2
  1. Air + Air → Pressure.
  2. Earth + Earth → Land.
  3. Land + Land → Continent.
  4. Continent + Continent → Planet.
  5. Planet + Fire → Sun.
  6. Pressure + Sun → Black hole.

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How do you make donut in little alchemy?

  1. Dough + Oil.
  2. Dough + Wheel.
  3. Cookie dough + Oil.
  4. Cookie dough + Wheel.

How to make a piggy bank in little alchemy? (2023)
How do you make Omlet in little alchemy?

Walkthrough for omelette in Little Alchemy
  1. earth + water = mud.
  2. air + fire = energy.
  3. air + water = rain.
  4. earth + rain = plant.
  5. air + life = bird.
  6. bird + bird = egg.
  7. egg + fire = omelette.

How do you make ham in Little Alchemy 1?

  1. Smoke + Meat.
  2. Smoke + Pig.

What are the 9 secrets in Little Alchemy?

In Little Alchemy there are 9 hidden elements: These elements don't count towards the total number of elements until discovered.
Hidden elements.
DogeDog + Computer Dog + Internet
Keyboard catCat + Music
NessieLake + Story
Ninja turtleTurtle + Ninja
5 more rows

How do you make mega Godzilla in Little Alchemy?

Combine dinosaur and city to make Godzilla.

Now that you have a dinosaur and a city, combining the two will create Godzilla.

Can you make Zeus in Little Alchemy?

Zeus is an element found in Little Alchemy 2. It is available to unlock after purchasing the content pack Myths and Monsters.


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